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Niche Authority Site Course

taught by Shawna Newman

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Shawna Newman
Shawna Newman

About the Instructor

I've been making a living online since 2009 and currently manage a portfolio of around 30 authority niche sites. Those sites earn me a comfortable income so I can travel whenever I want and work from my laptop in places like London, Sydney, Dubai, Rome, Oslo, Bangkok, and NYC.

I've been teaching other people how to make profitable niche affiliate sites since 2015 and my biggest success story is a someone who went from under $200/month to over $20,000 in December 2016!


"I started working with Shawna in Feb. 2015 so I really owe a lot to Shawna's teaching and patience! She totally rocks:) If you will look at my income for 2015 it's crazy.Can't believe I would go from $0 to $9K income monthly (5K net income) from a single site! It would not be possible without Shawna's coaching. "

-- Tessah

“Shawna has been a fantastic coach, explaining everything there is to know about building a profitable site. Shawna has so much patience, even when I’ve asked the most basic of questions! Shawna is absolutely the real deal when it comes to teaching, and I would only ever want to learn from someone who has been successful in what they are teaching.”

-- Kate

"I was stuck at $2,000 a month when I asked Shawna for help. She answered all the questions I had and even some I didn’t know I had! Thanks to her coaching I was able to break my earnings plateau and get my crazy goal of $10,000 in one month from my site. I got to thinking my goal was too big but her help saw me reach it in less than a year. I always turn to her when I have a problem or question about my site."

-- Jason

"I signed up for the Insider25 group hoping to learn a couple of new things, and possibly how to improve my sites just a little bit. I got a LOT more. Shawna showed us how she gets her sites from day one to page 1, with nothing hold back.

Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Shawna’s feedback for improving my sites was invaluable. She made sure that all our questions were answered and went out of her way to help me understand a concept I was struggling with. She is a very kind and honest person and has the incredible ability to explain simply what needs to be done. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.

After YEARS in the IM and spending more time and money on courses, e-books, and software that I would like to admit, I have zero expectations that there is a secret formula behind the making an affiliate site successful. Let me tell you - it is all hard work, laser focus, and following a good plan.

If you are looking to be spoonfed, this is not the right place for you.

Sign up only if you are looking to be part of a group of like-minded people, follow a proven plan, and have a coach that can help you along the way."

-- Dimi

The Ultimate Authority Niche Site Course

Do you want to learn how to make an authority niche site that has the potential to earn thousands of dollars each month?

With 27 initial lessons, and 16 new lessons already scheduled, this course is the blueprint you need to create (or improve) a site and grow it to $1000 or more in potential monthly earnings.

Who Is This Course For?

The ideal candidate for this course is someone who knows a little about niche sites or authority sites, but who needs a helping hand to reach their goals.

This course can easily be followed by those who are new to authority niche sites, and there are still lots of nuggets for more advanced authority niche site builders.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

I share my entire blueprint from taking an empty website and turning it into an authority niche site that you can sell for five to six figures. Or, you can hold onto it and earn four to five figures each month from your site.

What Do I Need?

Just time and a willingness to put in some hard work to reach your goals.

How Much Money Do I Need To Build My Site?

If you're on a tight budget and can write your own content, then all you'll need to spend is:

  • $10 for a domain
  • $50 for a hosting package for your site

You can possibly get those two things cheaper if you can find a coupon.

*Do keep in mind that the larger your budget, the easier it will be to reach in your income goals.

Do You Guarantee That My Site Will Make $1000+ Monthly?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that your site will make any money. What I can promise you is that if you follow my instructions and put in the work required, then you will start to see some traffic and earnings from your efforts. The potential of a new site is limitless, but some niches have a great potential for four and five figure income than others.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, if you're in the Basic or Elite level and can show me that you followed my instructions completely for 12 months and did not earn at least $100 in a single month, then I will give you a 110% refund on the price you paid for this course.

What's The Difference Between The Three Course Levels?

I've created three different levels so that I can offer three different levels of learning.

  • Saver level is for people who only want the course materials and no additional support.

  • Basic level (includes Saver benefits) is for people who want to be added to my Insider25 group, where I share live sites I'm working on and you get help from me and other members.

  • Elite level includes everything with the Basic level + five 30-minute coaching sessions with me.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Course Contents

44 Texts
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